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Video Transformations (VT) Distributorship


Price:  $1100

  • Increase gross revenue per sale and sales per customer. Grow profits with your existing customer base while you attract new customers and open new markets with VT.
  • Break free from one and done sales. VT back end sales create a whole new stream of recurring and compounding revenues. VT's back end sales are the gift that keeps on giving.
  • Grow revenues and profits with your existing sales force. With the provided training your sales staff can quickly and effectively add VT to most promo item orders.
  • How many of your sales associates write 6 or more orders per month? If they added VT to half of those orders they could each generate over $92,0700 in gross sales in the first year. That's pure profit on top of their product sales.
Cecil V. Bernard
BPSI-Promotional Products
Phone: 293-333-0024
Cell / Mobile Phone: 561-512-4131
Prepare for explosive growth with Video Transformations (VT). As an authorized VT distributor you're ready for growth fueled by the merger of the two greatest forces in marketing, digital video and promotional products. You're ready to build revenues on the front end with every VT campaign you sell. You're also ready to profit on the back end with every View Pack and Campaign Update. Exponential Growth Potential, that's the promise of Video Transformations (VT).
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