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Video Transformations (VT) Annual


Price:  $1999

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Look what you get for $1,999!

  1. We build the video campaign for you and give you the VT Code (QR Code on Steriods). You print the VT code on your business cards, flyers, mugs, or most of the physical items and hand them out to your buyer.
  2. Unlimited impressions - FREE.
  3. First 1,000 views - FREE.
  4. 1 line of promo text.
  5. Dynamic VT code - FREE.
  6. Unlimited sharing on 8 leading social media platforms, including WhatsApp, and tell a friend (texting and emailing)  feature.
  7. 1 year access to your own VT account - FREE.
  8. 1 year access to your own VT Mobile CRM - FREE.
  9. Real time analytics - FREE.

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Unbeatable power of VT enabled

  • Hundreds, even thousands of your top buyers can view your latest video every time they pick up your branded sanitizer, water bottle or T-shirt. More buyers watching means more business for you.
  • Your promo items never go stale. The mug you gave 5 years ago still presents your latest video campaigns. Imagine a $2 investment can keep bringing you sales year after year after year.
  • Invite interactions from your viewers while your video is still playing. You never have to lead them away from your video campaign and hope they don't just disappear. If you put your videos on social media, your viewers are distracted and have no easy way to reach you.
  • Boost  your marketing and sales with a) Built in geo-location based SEO for Google, Youtube, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and many other platforms; b) Easy posting on any social media platform; and c) Share buttons for the most popular media platforms; and d) tell a friend feature.
  • Close sales from your promo products or even have 2 way interactions with your buyers, live.
  • VT enabled is not just a simple QR Code. It is backed by a complete marketing platform,  hosted on the cloud, that took years of development. A simple QR Code can not provide live updates, business intelligence, real time analytics, 2 way interaction, leads on your phone, geo-fencing (in works), geo-location based SEO, CRM.
  • VT is video format agnostic; host videos or bring your Youtube video.


Manage your VT account right from your cell phone.

Cecil V. Bernard
BPSI-Promotional Products
Phone: 561-512-4131
Cell / Mobile Phone: 561-512-4131

Launch into explosive growth. With VT (Video Transformations) enabled, your growth is fueled by the two greatest forces in marketing, online marketing and physical items.


What's more powerful? A coffee mug with a logo? Or a coffee mug that transforms into a video marketing channel, a channel that can deliver millions of leads and close thousands of sales? VT enabled promo products run your video campaigns, show your latest offers, build your brand, enable 2-way interactions, accept orders, contributions, donations, and more. Build lists and deliver leads to your cell phone. Generate 40% or more quality views compared to Google PPC, Facebook or others.


Religious and educational institutions, restaurants, retail, entertainment, gyms, fitness, sports, political campaigns, healthcare, services, beverages, non-profits, real estate, construction, utility companies, advisors, CPAs, pet industry, staffing & more can all use VT campaigns.


Exponential growth potential. That's the promise of VT enabled.


100% made in America

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