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Video Transformations (VT)


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  • "We just filled an order for the 3-in-1 Drinkware Buddy with company Logo and VT code that plays their company's video campaign… My customer got a great product that they can use to help market their business." – ASI member.
  • VT is much more powerful than a simple video player. It's a complete video campaign that invites your buyer's interaction. Build your brand, your list and can even take orders while they watch. All from something like a simple water bottle or a tote bag.
  • Hundreds, even thousands of your top buyers can view your latest video every time they pick up your branded sanitizer, key chain or T-shirt. More buyers are watching means more business for you.
  • Placing your videos on YouTube, social media and your web site doesn't always produce results. Add Video Transformations to your video marketing mix and see the results for yourself.
Cecil V. Bernard
BPSI-Promotional Products
Phone: 571-293-0024
Cell / Mobile Phone: 561-512-4131
What’s more powerful? A coffee mug with a logo? Or a coffee mug that plays videos, builds lists and delivers leads to your cell phone? Your coffee mugs and other promo products can do all this with Video Transformations (VT). They can also generate more views than you're getting on facebook, YouTube or your web site. One thousand VT enabled coffee mugs can easily generate over one thousand views in no time. We do all the work, you just hand out (or deliver) your promo items. Buy Now.
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