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VT Enabled Campaign $1,999!

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A complete marketing system that combines the power of your video with the targeted delivery of your promotional products. Build your brand, advertise, market, sell and build lists using Video Transformations (VT). VT's built-in geo-location based search engine technology boosts your presence on Google, Bing, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and more in your targeted area. Generate 40% or more quality views compared to Google PPC, Facebook or others. This is because real humans are playing your video campaigns from the promotional products or printed material you gave them or the ones they shared with their networks on social platforms. More quality views, higher interest generated for your business from your buyers. Acquire your buyers' interest in real time and grow your customer conversion by interacting with them using VT mobile CRM.

Your VT account never expires. We do all the work; all you need to do is hand your promotional products or printed information to your targeted buyers. It's that easy.

So add VT to your promo items and turn them into video marketing campaigns, build your brand, market and sell at the same time. Your VT account comes with the following:

  • A VT account with unlimited impressions, 1000 views / clicks. Add views as you need them.
  • 1 video campaign built just for you, from the information we request, and you provide. The campaign also  includes 1 promotional line, contact form, 8 share buttons for leading social media platforms, tell a friend button, and your signature.
  • A VT Code to put on the promotional products or any other physical source to market the video campaign. A designer VT Code is an option for an extra charge. The designer VT Code can support your logo, optional color schemes etc.
  • VT mobile dashboard CRM link that makes it easy to monitor the VT account and also interact with the interested buyers from your cell phone. VT mobile dashboard link along with the login information will be  provided.
  • On-boarding email along with the instructional video to operate your account.
  • Customer support.
  • Add or update campaigns anytime.
  • Additional promo lines and links are available at extra charge.
  • Posting of VT campaigns on social media platforms of your choice is available at additional charge.

Don't wait, buy now or contact us.


Customer Terms
You (Customer) have to keep your account active at all the time. We will email you when your account is at 80% of capacity. You are also responsible for making these checks. In order to keep the account active, it has to be in good standing and there must be enough views / clicks left. A reactivation fee will apply in addition to other fees in case the account has to be reactivated. All sales are final. There are no returns.

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