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bizVideo Delux - Yearly     $1799.95
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Terms and Conditions

14 days money back guarantee. No returns after 14 days. Auto billing is enabled by default. Your account will be charged every month until you turn off auto-billing. To turn off auto billing, click on the Billing Review button from your Dashboard. 


Unlimited video gallery*

Unlimited media image gallery*

Unlimited promo text storage**

Unlimited social media postings

Unlimited use of online and offline (QR Code) campaign links

Store up to 250,000 opt in prospect records

Evergreen links**

Unlimited software (bizVideo) enhancements and updates

Number of campaigns** = 5

Unlimited impressions

Number of views (clicks)** = 21,600

    (Includes 20% additional bonus views)

Storage (GB)** = 5 GB

Technical support (email)

Online help

Video Tutorials

Specialized Training**

Custom build 1 campaign**


* subject to storage limits**

** Definitions

Promo Text: Promo Text provides you an opportunity to explain, instruct or present special offers, to boost your video campaigns. You can also include links to other bizVideo campaigns, landing pages, order forms or receiving emails. The options are endless. 

Campaigns: Each bizVideo campaign includes your video, promo text, call-to-action, share buttons, media image, media text, your signature information and contact form. These elements are all presented in The Coherent Campaign Interface which is mobile ready and screen size adaptable.

Evergreen Links: bizVideo's Evergreen Links ensure that your viewers always see the latest campaign content. You can change or update any part of your campaign at any time and your viewers will always see the latest information in real time. No need to change campaign link or QR Code. No need to reprint or republish. bizVideo is the only tool offering this functionality. This feature alone justifies your investment in bizVideo saving you time, money and enabling you to present the latest and correct information.

Views: Each bizVideo account supports a total number of views per month. A view is counted every time someone looks at your campaign. You can buy additional viewing capacity at any time.

Storage Capacity: Each bizVideo account comes with a certain amount of memory storage. For instance a bizVideo account typically includes 5 gigabytes of storage. When you reach your account limit, you will not be able to add any more videos, media images or other campaign elements. You can easily purchase additional storage capacity at any time or upgrade to an account which includes more storage.

Specialized training: This is a 4 hours course designed to make you proficient in building and launching your bizVideo campaigns effectively and efficiently. It's valued at $600.

Custom build 1 campaign: At the end of specialized training, we will help you build and launch one of your campaigns. You will provide us the video, the media image and material for other elements required to build a bizVideo campaign. This is about 2 hours of effort valued at $300.