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Video Advertising

Engage, inspire and mobilize your buyers with your personalized video advertising. Have a phenomenal outreach to where ever they hang out, both online and in their physical world. The more you surround your buyers with your ads., the better you build your brand or even just provide information. Ideal for businesses including financial advisors, banking; non-profits, religious institutions and more.
Perfect alternative to YouTube or Vimeo advertisers.

Look What You Get


  • 1 Morphin$ (Morphing) Code that includes one link and one QR Code. Change content anytime, the Morphin$ Code automatically refreshes
  • Unlimited use of the Morphin$ Code in emails, social media postings, your website, on physical items such as food wraps, mugs etc.
  • Ability to build it your way, your own video in any format including a selfie or a YouTube link, your own title and your own "from whom".
  • Reporting of views / clicks Stats
  • Includes 120 views / clicks
  • Easy to build video advertising campaign
  • Ability to update upon renewal


Customer Terms
     The bizAd campaign expires r30 days after purchase.
     Renew as it expires or for making any change in your bizAd campaign. Use the same "Buy" link to renew.
     All sales are final. There are no returns.
     Infringing on any copyright or trademark is a violation of the bizApps bizAd agreement and your account may be deleted.

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